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Easy way of working out IOPS for EVA6000

Easy way of working out IOPS for EVA6000

Morning All,

A question for the SWD guys....

Is there an easy way of trending the behaviour of the EVA controllers for IOPS.

I'm aware of EVAperf and Perf monkey capabilities. My understanding is that if you require to get a complete picture of IO for the controllers.

All connected hosts need to be running EVAperf for a period of time. Then with the results doing some funky math to create some figures.

I work for a PSP Gold Partner in the UK, and have access to Navigator and HPCC/HPDT.

Unfortunatley, these are only for advance breakfix and documentation respectivley.

I can't seem to find anything to do any trending.

If any HP guys who code Navigator are listening? Maybe they could add some perfomance tools to Navigator?

Any ideas?

Kind Regards,


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