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Eliminate hotplug from array.

Marcelo D. Carrascal
Occasional Contributor

Eliminate hotplug from array.

Can I just eliminate the failed disk without replacing it? What happens to the a array? Do I have to rebuild it?

Devender Khatana
Honored Contributor

Re: Eliminate hotplug from array.


It depends on the array configuration. If it is configured with raid one , raid 5 then you can any one the disks without any problems. Byut it is only for time being means that any of these raid configurations support only no interuptions from single disk failure. If there are more then one disk failure in sequence ( Second one prior to recovering from first one) then your data in that Logical device will be lost.

So you can eliminate the failed disk if your array is configured with raid1 or raid5 and your data will be accessible but only untill occurance of the second failure on some other device within same array.

You have to rebuild it only when you put back a new disk in place of a failed disk or when you are reconfiguring array.

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Rob Holden
Occasional Advisor

Re: Eliminate hotplug from array.

Something else to mention here is that the RAID 5 is still operational with the single Disk removed. However, the RAID 5 will be in a degraded state and so will the performance.