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Error during post with Smart Array 3200

Steve Mathias_2
Occasional Visitor

Error during post with Smart Array 3200

During POST of my 1850R, the Smart Array 3200 controller gives an error of
1783 Array Controller Failure
cmd=11th, err=020h

I unplugged all cables from it, same error message. If I run the HW configuration utility, it hangs if this card is plugged in. If I run the System Erase with the 3200 card installed, it hangs while doing the system erase. I put the 3200 card into a different 1850, it also hangs. Both 1850's work fine with SmartArray 2DH's installed.

I pulled the Battery and the Internal connector modules, still doesn't work.

Is the 3200 bad? Is their any way to clear the NVRAM? Jumpers to set?