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Error message in CPQOnlin

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Error message in CPQOnlin

I receive the following error when attemptinmg to create a logical drive on my netware server (proliant 1600r)

CPQONLIN has detected a logical drive configured for an operating system other than netware on this array. Please use the off-line Compaq Array Utility to configure this array. CPQONLIN ca only configure your system for netware.

It was a new drive from Compaq, and I wanted to simply add it and expand the array.

I pulled the new drive back out and the controller went into recovry moide. After installing another new clean drive, the sderver recovered and the second drive then gave the same error.

So... was the origianl drive stuffed? I dont know. Now the second drive is also stuffed.

Is there a way to remove the stuffed drive from teh array, then clean it then install it? Can I do it without downing the server?