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Eva 5000 Storage Management Appliance and Business Copy

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Igor Sovin
Super Advisor

Eva 5000 Storage Management Appliance and Business Copy

Hi there!
I have a question on Business Copy v.2.2
What is the principal difference between Snapclone and Snapshot?
Whats the technology of creating Snapclone and Snapshot?
For example if I want to create a Snapclone or snapshot of Virtual Disk on Eva 5000, having Oracle Database runnig on it, should I stop datebase before creating snapshot or snapclone? Or I can make online copy?
In what case I'll get absolutly consistent database?
If there any documentation upon this term, I would be very appreciate to get link to it.

Honored Contributor

Re: Eva 5000 Storage Management Appliance and Business Copy

Snapshots are COW (copy on write) instances of data which basically is the same as most snapshot technologies ekther at the filesystem level or array level. SnapClones star out as Snapshots. Over time - they become fully independent clones of the original. The beauty (or danger) of SnapClones is that one need not wait for the SnapClone to be fully complete BEFORE actually using/mounting it.

For either snapclones or snapshots - Oracle must be placed in HotBackup mode before the snapshot or snapclone operation is done. Once the snapshot/clone is done (which may be a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes) .. the DB instance is brought back from hotback mode and normal DB operation resumes.

Here's the documentation link for BusinessCopy/EVA:

Hakuna Matata.