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Event ID 9 in Event Viewer

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Event ID 9 in Event Viewer

I have un HP Netserver LH 3r, I have RAID 5 with 3 disk (SCSI 2) and I add a niew disk (SCSI 3) with the same properties. and now, i have this message in NT : "the device, \Device\ScsiPort1, did not respond within the timeout period" but my Raid 5( 4 disk now) work.
What can i do to remove this message ?
Eric de Lange_2
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Re: Event ID 9 in Event Viewer


With SCSI3 I take it that you are talking about the Ultra160 disks as the LH3r has Ultra2 SCSI/RAID channels already.

if the time-out's started ocurring after you added the disk, there might be a problem with the disk or it might not be 100% compatible incase you're using a non-hotswap disk.

Also, it might be that a driver/BIOS update is required to correctly run Ultra2 and Ultra160 disks on the LH3.

Have you checked the web/Navigator for updates ?