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Expand Logical Drive on RAID1 (72.8GB)

Jutamat Phothisitthisak
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Expand Logical Drive on RAID1 (72.8GB)

How to expand logical Drive on RAID1, Now I'm running Window Server 2003 Std SP2 on Proliant DL380 G4. There are two partitions C:\ 8.29 GB and D:\ 64.54 GB.As I'm new on RAID1 but I have an assignment to expand Drive C:\ to be 50 GB and then Drive D:\ will be 22.8 GB remaining.Anyone familair with kind of assignment, please help.
Thank you for all reply and comment
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: Expand Logical Drive on RAID1 (72.8GB)

Hi that's a operating system issue, not an hardware RAID issue. The C: and D: partitions are created and gestioned by Windows.
AFAIK you cannot resize C: drive on a Windows system by any supported means.
There are third party disk tools that you can try, though.
Phillip Thayer
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Re: Expand Logical Drive on RAID1 (72.8GB)

Regardless of whether the RAID1 is on a controller of done through Windows, if you are planning on taking space from one raid1 and using it on another RAID1, you will have to get a backup of both drives, destroy the RAID1 drives, recreate them with the sizes you want and restore the data to the new drives. That is the only way to do this.

Once it's in production it's all bugs after that.
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Re: Expand Logical Drive on RAID1 (72.8GB)

You need to provide some more details here so that I can understand your environment.

How many RAID1 volumes (LUNs) do you have? What is its size? How many partitions on each LUN and what are they and what are their sizes.
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Re: Expand Logical Drive on RAID1 (72.8GB)


since you are going to resize your parition

you will a partition software


Acronis® Disk Director Suite 10.0


or look in google for free partition software

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