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Expanding Array to unused drive space

Jay Stevenson
Occasional Visitor

Expanding Array to unused drive space

I have a ML-350 G3 with Smart Array 532. I have a pair of 72.8gb drives mirrored. The drives have two arrays, each taking up half of the 72.8 gb. The system was on the first array and data on the second. I purchased another pair of drives for the data and wish to move it from the first pair of drives to the new set, then delete the old data array. Then I want to expand the array for the system volume to fill the 72.8gb drive. How can I do this? I tried deleting the second array, but I don't see any way of expanding the first array.
Jay Stevenson
Occasional Visitor

Re: Expanding Array to unused drive space

I'm thinking the only way to do this is to

1) backup the c: drive,
2) delete the array,
3) recreate the array,
4) reinstall Windows 2000 server,
5) restore the backup.