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Expanding Disk Array

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Daniel Schneider_3
Frequent Advisor

Expanding Disk Array

Hi all,
I have a question about expanding my disk array.
I have HP Netserver LC200 with 3 9GB Disks in an Array with Raid5. There are 2 Volumes Configured with Drive C and D. Now I want to expand this array with a new 36GB disk.
Do I have to delete the actual Config in the netraid-utility and set up a new on? What abaout my NT-Partition? Will it be lost?

Best Regards and thanks for any Help

D. Schneider
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Expanding Disk Array

You cannot mix hdd of 9 gb with hdd of 36 gb in the same array with common hp netraid controller, (netraid 3si, 1si, 1M, 2M) you can create a raid 0 with your new hdd and then use it like a new partion in nt or perform a merge between free space and the d partition on disk administrator.
To create the new raid 0 you only need to add the new hdd , you will see a hdd ready and then create a new logical disk.