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Expanding RAID 0+1

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Expanding RAID 0+1


We have one server with Smart Array 6400 controller with one RAID 0+1 array of 8 146GB SCSI drives + 1 spare drive and we are going to expand this array by adding 2 146GB drives.

My question is what would happen if during the expansion one of the new drives will fail? Will the array stop expanding or it will use the hot spare and continue expanding?

And another more important question. If it will stop expanding, can I take out the failed drive, insert new one and will the array continue expanding? Or it will just stay in degraded state and I will have to build the array from scratch?

Ty for your answers!
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Re: Expanding RAID 0+1

For expanding the arrray , you need BBWC.
Your HDD is in RAID 1+0. So remove one HDD and keep outside.Then start the expansion.If any problems , you can put the old HDD.

Re: Expanding RAID 0+1

Yes my SA 6400 has a BBWC.

When you put a HDD out of RAID 1+0 array, the array will stay in degraded state and the array expansion is not possible until the array is back in normal state. Yes we have here a hot spare but whatever ... Once you start array expansion the metadata will change. So even if you have old disk from that array, you will be not able to recreate that array after failure by using old disks metadata. Dont see any reason why I would do something like that.

So my question again. If during array expansion of RAID 1+0 array one of the new disks fails can I replace the failed disk with new one and the array expansion will continue or the array is lost?
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Re: Expanding RAID 0+1


It should not be any issue if the disk fail durin the array expansion. It will pickup the spare HDD and will continue the operation.

The array will temporarily disable the expansion process and will resume the same once data re-construction completed.

1764 - Slot X Drive Array - Capacity Expansion Process is temporarily disabled (followed by one of the following):

Expansion will resume when Array Accelerator has been reattached.

Expansion will resume when Array Accelerator has been replaced.

Expansion will resume when Array Accelerator RAM allocation is successful.

Expansion will resume when Array Accelerator battery reaches full charge.

Expansion will resume when automatic data recovery has been completed. - - Reattached or replace Array Accelerator, wait until the Array Accelerator batteries have charged, or for Automatic Data Recovery to complete, as indicated.

Generally it is recommanded to have a backup of data to recover from unexpected situations.

Hope this is clarified your query.

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Re: Expanding RAID 0+1

Thank you! This is exactly what I wanted.

Re: Expanding RAID 0+1

Solution found.