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Expansion logical drive Smart Array 6402 (HP-UX 11iv1)


Expansion logical drive Smart Array 6402 (HP-UX 11iv1)


I have rp4440 server with Smart Array 6402 Controller. I have one logical drive with RAID5 accros 11 disks and one spare disk. I need expand existing logical drive on next 2 new disks. How can I do it? I can't find anything about it in saconfig manual.
Where can I find more information?

decription my system:
hp-ux11i - patch B.11.11.0406.5
RAID-01 B.11.11.04 RAID SA

Controller Product Number........... A9890A
Hardware Revision................... 'B'
Firmware Revision (in ROM).......... 1.92

saconfig version A.01.12



P.S Where can I download a new firmware for SA 6402 for HP-UX from?