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Extend LDEV at XP12000

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Seref Tufan SEN
Occasional Advisor

Extend LDEV at XP12000

Hi everyone ,

Is it possible to extend a LDEV ( or LUSE) online without losing the data on the LDEV ??? If yes how :)

Thanks ,
m saravanan
Valued Contributor

Re: Extend LDEV at XP12000


I'm not sure. But, I hope it's not possible to extend LDEV without losing the data. Because, once you selected the LDEV Emulation type during C&I, it's not possible to change it on the fly.

Honored Contributor

Re: Extend LDEV at XP12000

No. It is not (yet) possible. Expanding host storage with the XP line is done by presenting more LDEVs and using the host's volume manager to expand storage units/filesystems -- which can be done online and no data loss.

Using filesystems or raw storage on top of LUNS (ldevs) without a good volume manager is really not a good idea.
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Seref Tufan SEN
Occasional Advisor

Re: Extend LDEV at XP12000

No way to extend disk at XP..