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Extend the size of Logical Volume / Array

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Extend the size of Logical Volume / Array

I have 2 Compaq ProLiant 5500 Server series servers with a external storage with the following raid controllers.
1. Smart array 221 controller
2. RA4000/4100 Controller Raid array

I also have 3 spare hard disks offline (on the self) of same capacity as the server physical drives.

I am running out of space on both the server and the storage box.

In server I have Smart array 221 controller.
configured array A with two 9.1 GB HDD in RAID 0.

My questions are:
1. How can I increas the size of the logical drive?
2. How can I add one more array say B so that i can configure one more logical volume.

Similarly in the external storage I have 5 slots free. Is it possible to extend the size of the logical drive the same way? or can i have one more array.

I donot want to disturb the exisitng configuration since my servers are live and are the production servers.Pls advice.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Extend the size of Logical Volume / Array

If each array contains a single logical drive, the answer is yes.
To use your 3 spare drives, you would need to add two to A and one to B
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Re: Extend the size of Logical Volume / Array

Hi Viking,
You can either extend the array (If you r controller suuports capapcity addition feature) on external storage box, or you can create one more array on the same.

But you have mentioned that your server is using for production purpose & you have configured the array as RAID 0. This is very risky. You should configure it as RAID 1, or RAID5. If performance is the issue , then you consider RAID 1+0 also.


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