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Extending Disk Array Win2K Server

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Extending Disk Array Win2K Server


I have a problem. I cannot extend the logical drive after adding 3 extra HDD's into the external drive enclosure, making a total of 9 disks. I downloaded the latest ACU for Win2K, v2.90.65. However, when I went through the GUI wizard it said "extension is not currently supported on Win2K. Do not attempt to use this feature as data loss could occur". Naturally I cancelled out of this option and instead created a 2nd logical drive using the sam ACU tool without any warning messages. This is not ideal. Is there a way for me to extend my original RAID5 logical drive to include the extra HDD's? I can always delete the 2nd logical drive. The Smart Array Controller is a 5300 installed into a Compaq Proliant DL380 running Win2K Server as the operating system.

Andy McCreath
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Re: Extending Disk Array Win2K Server

Once you have added the disks in to the array go to the CMD prompt and type DISKPART.

Do a LIS VOL to see your volumes.
Then SEL VOL x (where x is the volume number you wish to extend)
Finally type EXTEND and DISKPART will extend this volume for you.

Good luck,
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Re: Extending Disk Array Win2K Server

Yes, DISKPART will work for you, delete that logical drive you made first though.
Or you can use Disk Manager to join the 2 partitions together into a single OS logical or extend the current logical.
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Re: Extending Disk Array Win2K Server


Thanks for the info. I'll give it a go this weekend after backing up the data. Just to clarify, can I go into disk management, delete the new parition I created from the 3 new disks I put into the array; (It is a Basic type), then run the diskpart commands to extend the original partition to encompass the space of the new disks?

(Do I need to delete the logical drive using the ACU tool?)