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Extending RAID 5

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Extending RAID 5

I expanded my array adding one 9.2 GB HD to my array of 6 HD using a 4250ES controller (Proliant 8000). I added the new drive and used the Compaq Array Configuration Utility to expand the array, once the expansion was complete
I see the new disk and space in Phisycal and Logical Drive View. And I receive this warning "The Compaq Smart Array 4250ES un slot 10 is currently performing background paraity initialization on logical drive 1. Once this operation completes, the performance of this logical will improve".
When I open this utility again, anew display this warning.
Into NT Disk Administrator there is no free space.
I saw ARRAY EXPANSION.DOC document, but I used a option diferent to this document, I used "Extend an Existing Logical Drive" and the document use "Create a New Logical Drive", Can I change it....? or What Can I do to see in NT Disk Administrator the new space...???

In the ACU I can't create another Logical Drive, because display me this message "You ca not create a Logical Drive on this array because there is no unspace space".

Tank's and regards.....!!!