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Extending Raid0 to Raid1

kevin whiteman
Occasional Visitor

Extending Raid0 to Raid1

Does any one have any experience of upgrading a single 9GB (Raid 0)to become a mirrored pair (RAID 1)? We have tried to do this under windows 2000 but reached an impasse where data loss was possible. Ideally I want to do this on the fly without having to rely on a backup. I have the Ingerated Smart Array controller in a compaq DL 360 and version 2.7 of compaq array configuration utility. Any experience or ideas would be greatly appreciated

Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Extending Raid0 to Raid1

you just need to perform a raid migration at a hardware level, use ACU or ACU/XE in order to perform it. Migration is OS indipendent