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Extending logical drive with ext3 partition

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Extending logical drive with ext3 partition


I have a SuSE Enterprise 9 server with one big data partition on a RAID5 array (the operating system itself lives on another array, another controller). I need to increase the size of this partition, which is currently on ext3 filesystem.

The array currently consists of 4x72GB physical drives. I have added two more identical drives to the array. Next, I plan to extend the logical drive with hpacucli:

ctrl slot=1 ld=1 modify size=max

However, there's one thing I'm not sure about here. The HP reference guide warns that "If the operating system does not support logical drive extension, carrying out this command would make
data on the logical drive unavailable."

I'm not sure whether HP considers SLES9 with ext3 fs as "supporting logical drive extension". I do know that ext3 filesystem itself can be extended with resize2fs, but I think HP means something different by "support" here. How can I find out without trying whether extending the logical drive will destroy my data partition?
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Re: Extending logical drive with ext3 partition

Sorry, folks, just realized I had posted this under wrong category.