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Extending the array

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Extending the array

I have a 4200 with 1 array, I recently added an additional 34gb of disk space which I want to use to extend the existing array. The array configuration utility does recognise the new disk space but when I attempt to add to the array I get the following error: LOGICAL DRIVES CANNOT BE EXTENDED ON THIS CONTROLLER. THE CONTROLLER DOES NOT SUPPORT LOGICAL DRIVE EXTENSIONS. Is this correct I was under the assumption that the 4200 supported array extentions. Many thanks
Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: Extending the array

The 4200 controller does indeed support logical drive extension but you may need to update a few things in order to get this ti work properly. I suggest updating the firmware on your 4200 controller using Sp17871 which can be found at: http://www.compaq.com/support/files/server/us/download/13603.html and also make sure you use the latest Array Configuration Utility CP001446 from :http://www.compaq.com/support/files/server/us/download/10880.html if you are running windows 2000 or CP001445 from http://www.compaq.com/support/files/server/us/download/10878.html if you are running Windows NT 4. It is also recommended that you start by updating the Rompaq ( bios) of your server . You should be able to extend the logical drive after all of these steps are done properly. Should you have any other questions/concerns, fell free to call us @ 1-800-OK-COMPAQ.
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