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FAST / Disk Problems

Nigel Green

FAST / Disk Problems

I have got 2 LC2000r Machines with 2 Netserver Rack Storage / 12 arrays in a Windows 2000 cluster environment. Running on one machine works well, but if I reboot the second machine i will get various disk failures. One of the disks (this time) has automatically rebuilt but the other is showing as a phantom disk. How can I reuse a phantom disk and has anyone got any info about why this should be happening.
Marco Hogeveen
Honored Contributor

Re: FAST / Disk Problems


Since you're mentioning FAST in the subject, I assume you are using a Netraid 4M as shared storage controller.
Do you have clustering enabled on the channels connecting to the RS12's?
Does each Netraid has a unique SCSI ID (6&7)?
Are all 4 termination jumpers enabled on the netraid 4M's?
Is the Firmware of the 4M the latest?
Did you put the topmost dipswitch on the RS12's to the right position?
Installing a cluster on a netraid 4M requires a different procedure. You have to interrupt the MSCS setup proces and install the cluster with local quorum first.
Then you install the clustersoftware of the 4M.
I've added a 4M W2K supplement for installing a cluster on a HP Netraid 4M controller. By using it exactly you should be able to setup a working cluster.

Good luck!