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FATA drives not showing up in Solaris

Keith C. Patterson
Frequent Advisor

FATA drives not showing up in Solaris

Hello all,
I am unable to see any FATA drives from my EVA on my Solaris machine. I can however, see all Fibre Channel drives.
sd.conf has proper entries, LUNS are mapped and secured properly.
I'm baffled. Any ideas?

Peter Mattei
Honored Contributor

Re: FATA drives not showing up in Solaris

There is absolutely no difference in presentation between FATA and FC drives.
The FATA drives are in a seperate disk group of course.
As with FC drives you need to do the following with your FATA disks
1. cretae your host entries (WWN, OS type etc)
2. build FATA diskgroup
3. create LUN and present it to the respective hosts (WWNs)
4. configure your server (sd.conf, multipathing etc)
5. configure you SAN zones

This way it must work!

For a test you can present a LUN out of the FATA group to the Windows management server. If that works check your host and the SAN.

As a reference also check the following mauals:

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