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FC-60 bad disk

Charles McCary
Valued Contributor

FC-60 bad disk


FC-60 shows bad disk in SAM. This disk was currently "unassigned", so to test - swapped this "bad" disk with another "good" unassigned disk. Bad Disk doesn't show up in new good slot at all, and good disk shows up in former bad disks slot. So this leads me to conclude I have a bad disk.

My problem is that no where in the array logs does this disk at the original bad slot show up as being bad. In order to be proactive I have set up Event Monitors to monitor the Physical volumes, however the only disks that show up as PV under event monitoring are internal disks and Logical LUNs. Since this disk was not part of a LUN, it didn't cause an "event". Is there any way to monitor an actual disk module within an FC-60 array?

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Re: FC-60 bad disk

use mstm

select A5277A Array (HPA5277A)
then tools -> information -> Run

disk module status will shown as follow:

Enc 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Ch:ID | 2:0 | 2:8 | 2:1 | 2:9 | 2:2 | 2:10 | 2:3 | 2:11 | 2:4 | 2:12 |
Status| OPT | OPT | OPT | OPT | OPT | OPT | OPT | OPT | OPT | OPT |
LUN | 0 R01| 1 R-1| 4 R01| 5 R01| 6 R01| 7 R01| 8 R01| 9 R01|10 R01|11 R-1|
Enc 2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Ch:ID | 3:0 | 3:8 | 3:1 | 3:9 | 3:2 | 3:10 | 3:3 | 3:11 | 3:4 | 3:12 |
Status| OPT | OPT | OPT | OPT | OPT | OPT | OPT | OPT | OPT | OPT |
LUN | 0 R01| 2 R-1| 4 R01| 5 R01| 6 R01| 7 R01| 8 R01| 9 R01|10 R01|12 R-1

if you have fault disk it will show FLT...

and you can check FLT code in FC60 manual.
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Insu Kim
Honored Contributor

Re: FC-60 bad disk

I don't agree to your opinion somehow.
You said that you set up EMS ( Event Monitoring System ) in a good manner so I would like to ask you that you configured that by running monconfig.

# /etc/opt/resmon/lbin/monconfig
Based on my experience, EMS works even if disk is not a part of a LUN.

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Charles McCary
Valued Contributor

Re: FC-60 bad disk


I'll admit it could be a problem with how I've set up the EMS monitors. I've set these up using SAM. When I choose "Add Monitor", then "storage", then "status", then "disk", only the internal disks show up. When I choose "storage", then "status", "disk_array", then "FC-60", the only instances that show up are the array itself and the am60svr.

The only way I am able to actually monitor the other disks in the array that are assigned, is by monitoring the LUN that they're part of through adding a monitor of the vg, then the pvlink.