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FC 60 firmware

Gerald H. Orita
Occasional Advisor

FC 60 firmware

I purchased and FC60 for a NT server. When the server arrived it had the A5278-62006. This is the HP-UX controller module. In the manual for FC60 page 253, it says. "The HP-UX 3.5v controller (A5278-60006) can be upgraded to a Windows NT controller (A5278-60007) using the HP Storage Manager 60-NT software (A5628A). We do have the software and the A5278-60006 is suppose to be the replacement part for the A5278-62006. When I bring up the NT server up the service Storage Manager 60 Agent errors out with "The Storage Manager 60 Agent service returned service specific error 100." I suppose I need to load the firmware. How do I do that or is there some other problem.
nelson broskey
Regular Visitor

Re: FC 60 firmware

Gerald: I would recommend calling our response center for assistance with your installation. It sounds like the FC60 software unique to the NT environment may be what is causing the error. The group that supports the FC60 NT software at our Loveland division should be the best resources for you. Im not sure they are represented in the ITRC forums as of yet. Use the 1800 633 3600 number and select the appropriate hardware environment you are installing to for assistance. They will need the serial number of your unit to verify warranty/contract support.
Nelson Broskey, HPE StoreOnce Quality Lifecycle Engineer