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FC10 and Software RAID 0+1

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Occasional Advisor

FC10 and Software RAID 0+1

Extreme HP newbie seeks Gurus.

Ok - just took delivery of an L2000 box with 1 (one) FC10 10x18GB disk array.

Question: is it possible to implement RAID 0+1 (through software) with this device.

The "user guide" - if one can call it that - just talks to the hardware and some misc diag commands.

I want to divide the array in half and create a "mirrored" five-disk stripe in this array.

My first attempt at doing this with "SAM" complained that I can't create a "stripped-mirror" with LVM !?!?! (we do have Mirrordisk.UX installed !)

Can somebody please give me the "high-level" scoop in terms of how one can implement RAID 0+1 through software with the FC10 ?

If this just cannot be done - please advise !




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Andreas Voss
Honored Contributor

Re: FC10 and Software RAID 0+1


for mirroring and striping there are several issues in the forums.
Try a search (SEARCH button in the upper left corner) with (boolean) 'mirror AND striping'
For getting started here one thread:

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Re: FC10 and Software RAID 0+1


Thanks - your a true "Wizard" !

Bob Inglis
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Re: FC10 and Software RAID 0+1

I am not an LVM Geru by any means.
LVM will allow you to mirror Physical Volunes or to stripe Physical Volumes but I do not beleive you can do both. I think that with LVM it's one or the other.
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