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FC10 disk firmware upgrade problem

Martin Hulka
Occasional Visitor

FC10 disk firmware upgrade problem

I have LC10 array connected to L1000(firmware up-to-date),
wanted to upgrade its disk firmware because it is quite obsolete,
there are 3 types of the disk inside
but only upgrade of one was successful:

ST336605FC -- FW upgrade successful
ST336704FC -- FW upgrade failed even tho I downloaded correct file and put it to /var/tmp/ST336704FC.HP12.frm
STM is saying no compatible FW found ...
ST136403FC -- for this one I was not even able to find the FW

any advise appreciated



P.S. This thread has been moved from General to Disk array. - Hp Forum moderator

Martin Hulka
Occasional Visitor

Re: FC10 disk firmware upgrade problem

I do not support the client with mentioned problem thus there is nothing to be discussed.