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FC10 disk problem

Jim Mulshine
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FC10 disk problem

An N4000 with two A5158A FC adapters sees all 10 disks in the FC10 through one adapter but only 9 disks through the other. Another N4000 with two A5158A FC adapters also sees all 10 disks in the FC10 through one adapter but only 9 disks through the other. The result is that I could set up two paths (primary and alternate) to 9 disks, but only one path to one of the disks. Pretty strange, huh. Has anyone seen this behaviour before? /Jim Mulshine

Some info:
1) HP PCI Tachyon TL Fibre Channel software for A5158A FC adapters has version B.11.00.4.
2) FC10 Enclosure Firmware Rev.: HP06
3) STM info on the FC10 Enclosure (from both FC cards in both computers) shows the status of all 10 disks. Disk #6 has status "NA - The disk device is physically installed, but has been bypassed." Everything else has status=OK.
4) The missing hardware path (and associated device file) is for bus id 0, not 6. This I found out looking at "ioscan -fnC disk" output.



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Re: FC10 disk problem

There is no question that you have a loop id conflict. If you reboot your host you'll probably get a panic, so don't.
Send us an ioscan -fnk and I'll examine.

If you see something in the place of the FC10 disk that's causing the duplicate ID.

In the FC10, the loop ids are set by the dial at the back.
If your FC10 is set to dial 0 loop ids go from 0 to 11, dial 1 - loop ids 12 to 23, dial 2 loop ids 24 to 35 etc..

loop ids are seen in hex in the ioscan
255.0.1 = loop id 1
255.1.0 = loop id 16
255.1.2 = loop id 18
255.2.5 = loop id 37
and so on.

For your FC 10 you should get 10 disk loop ids all dependant on slot position.
ie: dial 1
disk in slot 0; loop id 0.12
disk in slot 1; loop id 0.13
disk in slot 2; loop id 0.14
disk in slot 3; loop id 0.15
disk in slot 4; loop id 1.0
disk in slot 5; loop id 1.1
disk in slot 6; loop id 1.2
.. etc

If you duplicate loop ids, the loop id that was valid will show up, the newly added loop id (ie the FC10 disk) will not.

Send the ioscan -fnk and we'll keep it here for future reference (and verify the problem)

Otherwise make sure the led is on on the disk and it is well seated.

It works for me (tm)
Jim Mulshine
Frequent Advisor

Re: FC10 disk problem

The problem got solved just before I got your advice, Bill. What we did was shutdown the servers, turned them off, turned off the FC10's, and turned off the FC switches. Then we reseated all the disks and fiber cables. Then upon restart of everything we got our missing disk! So it seems to have been a physical problem with the fiber cables where they plug into the GBIC's. Thanks for replying!