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FC60 Array Configuration


FC60 Array Configuration

I have an FC60 Connected to an N Class (A5158A)
on one side and an SC10 on the other.
I can see the Card Claimed in an ioscan but do I need to Install Array Manaer 60 in order to configure the Disks e.t.c and if so how do I do this as I can't see it on the Apps Disks.
O/S is HP-UX11.11.
Bernhard Mueller
Honored Contributor

Re: FC60 Array Configuration


with 11.11 you should have already everything needed
#swlist -l fileset | grep ARRAY-MGMT
PHCO_23263.ARRAY-MGMT B.11.11.15 HPAutoRaid Utilities
PHCO_25311.ARRAY-MGMT B.11.11.15 HPArray Manager/60 Utilit

ls /opt/hparray/bin
grep -i am60 /sbin/init.d/*
grep -i array /etc/rc.config.d/*

man amdsp,
man amcfg
etc etc

this should get you on the right track
check for latest patches (see above)
check for required controller firmware!

this is from the Dec 2000 FC60 manual:
"Controller firmware HP08 is not supported on HP-UX 11.11. If the disk array is
being installed on a host running HP-UX 11.11, it will be necessary to
downgrade the controller firmware to HP03 after installing the software."

go to

and see what most current docs you can get.

Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: FC60 Array Configuration


the software will already be there , just not runnimng if the array isnt detected.

By the card seen in ioscan do you mean the fc i/f the fc60 i/f or the sc10?

you have to power these up in a certain way for the software to pick them up.

Power up the sc10 first wait for 2-5 mins for discs to fully spin up. Then power the fc60 up and wait a few minutes for the controllers to detect it and decide whats what with the discs. then power the N class server up.
Then in ioscan you should see the A5158A card, the A5277A fc60 controller(s) and then the discs aswell.
If there not been seen then the array mgr software doesnt run.
You will actually see the same discs twice if its a dual controller fc60. then you can configure with the armdsp commands.
You need a minimum of four discs aswell.

you may also want to check for patches for the 11i aswell.