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FC60 - Cache Mirror Enabled Bit alert

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Frequent Advisor

FC60 - Cache Mirror Enabled Bit alert

I am getting an alert in the syslog and e-mail every day from a new FC60. This has occured since the firmware was upgraded by HP. I talked with both Hardware support and the techs and they don't have a clue as to what the solution is.


The alert (with some trimming) is:
Array at hardware path 8/, path 8/ The logical unit
31 has
the Cache Mirror Enable bit disabled.
Associated OS error log entry id(s):


Anything I can look at or try? The bit shows as deing off when I do an amdsp -a FC60KD (my array name)

--- --- --- --- ---- --- --- ---
0 X X X X X

1 X X X X X
14 X X X X X

31 X X X X


LUN 31 is the FC60 control drive which appears to be set at the firmware level and SAM won't allow we to modify that LUN. I am on HP11.0 with the March Patchset.

The solution the e-mail suggest is:


Execute the command to reset all the cache bits.


Anyone know what that command is?
Michael Koch_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: FC60 - Cache Mirror Enabled Bit alert

"The Command is"

amutil -r {LUN}{FC60 Alias}

It resets the Cache Disable/Enable bits for a lun.

Hope that helps


Wayne Green
Frequent Advisor

Re: FC60 - Cache Mirror Enabled Bit alert

I think Michael has answered the question. But for you info we had the same messages after a power outage. UPS failed. HP said this was due to the FC60 power up sequence not being followed - SC10 modules, FC60 controllers, L-Class.

Our HP CE turned on caching for us with amutil I believe although I can't see the -r switch documented. He wanted system downtime to do this though.
I'll have a beer, thanks
Frequent Advisor

Re: FC60 - Cache Mirror Enabled Bit alert

I tried the command:
amutil -r 31 FC60KD

The command ran fine.

However when I run amdsp -a FC60KD I still get eh "Cache Mirror Enabled bit" as being unset.

My ascii paste didn't come across as well as I would have liked, but I think all the information is there.

My limited info on the "-r" option of AMUTIL had to do with "Write caching on the drive being enabled".

One other note is that when I run the amdsp command LUN 31 shows up as:
31 OPTIMAL 20.0 MB A 0 32 Can't identify

The "Can't identify catches my eye since it is a system required drive. May not be anything, but as long as I keep getting the alerts I am concerned.

I DO have a request open with HP right now, but it has been over a month and my analyst is stumped.

Frequent Advisor

Re: FC60 - Cache Mirror Enabled Bit alert

The problem turned out to be a firware problem. Rarely seen and it took a bit of reasearch once I got the right technician... it turned into a hardware call where the Engineer re-applied the firware updates.

And the problem is gone..
Ken Walker_2
Occasional Visitor

Re: FC60 - Cache Mirror Enabled Bit alert

Steve (et al),
So glad I was fortunate enough to stumble across your thread. This problem has been plaguing us for months now and I seem to be hitting a dead end with the support guys I'm working with. They want to blanket patch the box because they say that it **MAY** fix the underlying problem.

Nonetheless, I wanted to ask you if the firmware you referenced is for the disks or something else. I know its been a while since the thread was active, but I appreciate any help I can get on this.

Ken Walker
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: FC60 - Cache Mirror Enabled Bit alert

great that you returned to us. Please attach output or 'amdsp -a' to your next reply. I will look at it and try to help :o)
Frequent Advisor

Re: FC60 - Cache Mirror Enabled Bit alert

The firmware upgrade was something our support person did. It was, in theory, possible for me to do it, but I also had to upgrade the firmware in half the hard-drives as well.