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FC60 Cache settings

Domenico Viggiani
Super Advisor

FC60 Cache settings

I have 2 FC60 and 'amdsp -a' command shows different cache settings.
WCA, RCA and CMA are all set for the first array but only RCA is set for the second.
I guess from array log that it is not an optimal cache setting. Is it true?
If yes, how can I change it?
Wayne Green
Frequent Advisor

Re: FC60 Cache settings

We got the "write cache not enabled" message after a power problem.
We had an HP CE in to get the caching enabled and he wanted no I/O on the array i.e.downtime to do this.
I have seen posts listing undocumented options for the amutil command. amutil -r {array id}although this operation was not confirmed. Best speak to HP.
I'll have a beer, thanks