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FC60 Controller

Daryl Yockey_1
Occasional Visitor

FC60 Controller

Does anyone know what the 7 status leds mean on the FC60 controller. I have a
controller with 5 of the seven lights lit up. I don't know if there is meaning
to 5 lit up as compared to any other combination

Re: FC60 Controller

Daryl, the FC60 controller has 10 leds. From left to right as follows: Power;
controller fault; heartbeat; and 7 status leds. If you have 5 status leds on,
this indicates your controller may be in a passive status which can occur after
a manual controller reset. To return the controller to active state use the
following AM60 command from the users guide.
ammgr -c AA
If you need further assistance call (800)633-3600 and place a hardware call for
response center assistance.
Please have your system handle or FC60 serial number when you call.