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FC60 Disk Array Powering off/on?

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FC60 Disk Array Powering off/on?

Does anyone have any information regarding the FC60 disk array, regarding the sequence to power off completely, then reboot.

We are currently moving servers.
Server K580
FC60 Disk Array
SC10 Disk Cabinets

Sridhar Bhaskarla
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Re: FC60 Disk Array Powering off/on?


Powering off:

First power off K580 after shutting down.
Power off disk array controller.
Power off all disk enclosures.
Power off the cabinets.

Power On:

Power on the cabinet
Power on all disk enclosures. Wait for at least 3 mins. Make sure there are no fault lights on the enclosures.
Power on disk array controller. Wait for 2 mins.
Power on K580

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Re: FC60 Disk Array Powering off/on?

be sure that before power off this disk controller the write cache LED is off
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Re: FC60 Disk Array Powering off/on?

It's a good idea to unmount the filesystems and disactivate the vg's on the FC60 before powering it off. This'll make sure that the data is all flushed to disk and not left in filesystem buffers.

The umount and vgchange -a n is done on shutdown, so a shutdown of your host first is a good step.

Then make sure as was mentioned no data in cache, and power down the FC60 as in the manuals... you do have the manuals right?!

All the manuals!

Power On:

Power Off:
It works for me (tm)