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FC60 - Disk enclosure not recognised.

Jack Daniels_1
Occasional Contributor

FC60 - Disk enclosure not recognised.

We have a FC60 hooked up to our 2 node N-CLass cluster. The FC-60 has 4 disk enclosures with 4 disks in each enclosure. Suddenly EMS reported that disk enclosure 3 has failed. Everything looks good on the disk enclosure panel. THe unit is powered up and fans are running. But the system just doesn't recognize the unit. We have rebooted with no effect. HP changed the back plane of the disk enclosure with no success. I have heard about the problems related with FC-60.

HP now wants to replace one part at a time starting with the FC60 controller. Has anyone had similar experience? I have attached the amdsp output.

These are production boxes and data loss/downtime is hard to justify. Any ideas or feedback?

Thanks in advance.
Insu Kim
Honored Contributor

Re: FC60 - Disk enclosure not recognised.

HP has implemented a special program called proactive field update (PFU) to make FC60 stable.
It mainly focuses on checking all the disk enclosure BCCs, a patch, all the SCSI cables, controller firmware and disks firmware in the array.

Based on your attachment, I'm able to notice that you have BCCs, controller firmware infected by the PFU. - For SCSI cables, visual inspection is required.
This is an indication that BCCs should be replaced and controller firmware should be updated to HP11 at this point.
Beside this, there should be a few things that are examined.
Please be aware that disk array should be in a good state before begining the PFU.

Based on my experience, the PFU helps a lot stablize FC60.
I know that downtime is not acceptable in your computing environment but it's worth of being examined and replaced if necessary.

Contact local HP for more information.

Hope this helps,
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