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FC60 Firmware

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FC60 Firmware


As of FC60 firmware version HP08 was recalled.
How can I find information about HP08 problem and HP10 enhancment togetther with the steps to upgrade firmware , I will let HP CE do it , but I want to know in oveview of the steps ,
and does anyone face side effect or problem after upgrade to HP10.

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Insu Kim
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Re: FC60 Firmware

Below is a known defect for HP08.

Undetected Data Corruption has been detected FC60 product with the controller firmware version HP08 on systems that do not have the correct fibre channel HBA patch level.

Since this problem involves undetected data corruption that occurs on a read operation, it is difficult, if not impossible, to detect this problem after it has occurred.

HP still recommends that FC60 product have HP03 firmware installed.
Updating to HP10 firmware is temporarily suspended for some reason and a new version of firmware will be released soon.

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