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FC60 LUN 0 not showing in ioscan

Dane Van Steenwyk
Frequent Advisor

FC60 LUN 0 not showing in ioscan

Hi there, I was wondering if anybody could help me get LUN 0 back on my FC60 once array is reconfigured. I have three SC10's hookied up to FC60 and controllers are showing up claimed but no lun 0. So I cannot communicate with the array using AM60Srvr.

After I start the AM60Srvr here are the commands I run:
#ioscan -fn
#insf -e
#amdsp -R says scanning system...
#amdsp -i No supported arrays found.

I walked through all power on steps waiting 10mins after the enclosures were powered on then waiting 10mins after array powered on before turning on server.

When I look at Disks and File Systems in SAM no controllers or luns show up.

Any help would be much appreciated!! Thanks!!