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FC60 - LUN0 Lost

Naveen Shetty
Frequent Advisor

FC60 - LUN0 Lost

Dear All,

Can someone guide me is there any way we can recreate LUN0.

I have a N4000 Server with FC60 connected.

There are no LUN's available now in the storage & hence we are unable to create new LUN's.

amdsp -i command is working, but amdsp -a or amcfg -L command is not working.

Kindly if someone can tell me how to get the LUN0 re-created.

None of the disks are showing failed status.

Thanks in advance.

Regards - Naveen Shetty.
Bharat Katkar
Honored Contributor

Re: FC60 - LUN0 Lost

try executing ioscan and see if FC60 is visible to system

# ioscan -fnC disk

This should show the FC60 device. Try by comparing the hardware paths.

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Shaikh Imran
Honored Contributor

Re: FC60 - LUN0 Lost

when you'll install disks FC60 will automatically create LUN0, because 'it can not leave without it'.
go to: SAM for hpux or SM60 for windows and choose 'REPLACE LUN0' option and replace default created LUN0 with LUN0 in any other location you want

This means LUN0 cannot be created but it can only be replaced.
I will advise you to try restarting the FC60 and the server and also to follow the sequence of starting the same maybe you will get back the things.

To power up the array, first apply power to the disk enclosures, wait for around 2 minutes so that all disks fully spin up, and then power up the controller.
Otherwise the array will not recognise the
disk enclosures.

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