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FC60 Lun problem

Marty Hoff

FC60 Lun problem

We have an FC60 that had 3 LUNs configured on it. We had a power outage (even the UPS ran out of power) and now I'm rebuilding things. A couple of the disks in one of the LUNs died and so I had to rebuild that LUN and restore from backups.

However, I still have 5 disks that were assigned to a LUN that show as belonging to a LUN, but the LUN doesn't show up in the amdsp command.

How can I force these disks to join a new LUN? I get an error whenever I try to create a new LUN with these disks.

I've attached some of the output from my amdsp commands.

Thanks for your help,


Arend Lensen
Trusted Contributor

Re: FC60 Lun problem

The amdsp is just a fraction from the complete output and not enough to work with.
Because is see the UTM on 31 i think your array is not on the latest firmware. The FC60 is not easy to troubleshoot. I would recommend you get a specialist from HP helping you with this. However if the array is empty and that strange lun 0 is the only lun on the array you might consider to do a SysWipe of the intire array. See the service manual for more details on that.