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FC60 - SNMP support?

Jeffrey D Sessler
Occasional Visitor

FC60 - SNMP support?

Is there a way to access information about a FC60 (fibre attached) via SNMP? I've got one connected to a N4000 running HPUX and would like to monitor it via a SNMP probe package.

kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: FC60 - SNMP support?


although not officially supported, the LAN ports on the FC60 controllers can be assigned an IP address so direct management outbound via TCP/IP is possible (in case the fibre is down). I can't find any SNMP settings however in their.


Network Init Flags : 0x00
Network Mgmt Timeout : 30
Network Route #1 : dest=
RAIDMGR Server #1 :
Network Manager #1 :
Startup Script :
Shell Password :

My MAC Address : 00:a0:b8:06:01:56
My Host Name : fc60ctrla
My IP Address : 10.x.x.x.
Server Host Name : w2k
Server IP Address : 10.x.x.x
Gateway IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
User Name : guest
User Password :
NFS Root Path :
NFS Group ID Number : 0
NFS User ID Number : 0
value = 0 = 0x0

The above is applicable when the FC60 is connected to Windows hosts, not sure how you coud manage the array via TCP/IP only on Unix, think it is only possible via the fibre link (inbound) and the Unix utilities for FC60.

On the host side (Windows) their is a SNMP trap configuration and even SMTP email alert configuration possible in the Array Manager utility and it works fine, but this is all purely managed by the Windows agent for the FC60 and their is no way to do this directly on the controllers (so no Operating System independent method) as far as i know.