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FC60 Single LUN ramifications

Dave Fenner
Occasional Visitor

FC60 Single LUN ramifications

We have just installed a HP L series server with a FC60
disk array. The array is configured with dual fibre-channels, full-bus scsi, four enclosures with 4x36GB disks in each enclosure, (16x36GB array total). The array was brought on-line as a single LUN, 16 disk, 245GB logical volume, raid 0/1, primary and mirror drives on separate enclosures. I have suggested that this configuration will not load balance or utilize the second fibre channel but are there other problems with this type of deployment other than I/O?
Ovidiu D. Raita
Valued Contributor

Re: FC60 Single LUN ramifications

If you would like to run at some point in time parallel backups you'll have to load ballance manually the directories to backup. The same story for restore.

I hope you don't have a huge numbers onf files/inodes (> 1 million). You'll face file system performace degradation.
Your DBA will not be happy finding out that he has all the redo logs, data files, indexes, etc on the same file system.

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