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FC60 and Binding Disks.

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FC60 and Binding Disks.

I have installed 3 new disks to create a new LUN (FC60-SC10), I have 2 disk array controllers, does it matter what controller I select to bind these LUN's????

In SAM...
a) Select Disks & File Systems
b) Disk Devices
c) Select Controller
i) Actions
ii) Disk Array Maintenance
iii) Bind LUN
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Re: FC60 and Binding Disks.

This has bothered me a bit too. This array is not like the FC30 where you will get a penalty by accessing through the non owning controller. I have noticed no significant performance decrease doing it. What is more important is to access some luns through the A controller and some through the B, but not all through A etc.. configuring the alternate links and getting a bottleneck on failure is only temporary. In either case I'd recommend just to be on the safe side to access through the controller that you bind it with.

It works for me (tm)
Insu Kim
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Re: FC60 and Binding Disks.

This is what I found.

To ensure optimum performance, LUN ownership should be balanced between controllers.
This ensures that one controller is not overloaded with I/O requests, while the other is idle.

In the mean time, please notice this in line below.
The primary I/O path established using LVM defines the owning controller for the LUN.
This may override the controller ownership defined when the LUN was bound.

So, My answer for your question is that it doesn't matter what controller you select to bind LUN.
Because you can change controller ownership on an existing LUN with LVM without impacting operation.
Because if controller A was identified as the owning controller when the LUN was bound, and
LVM subsequently established the primary path to the LUN through controller B, controller B becomes the owning controller.

Hope this helps,
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Re: FC60 and Binding Disks.

The solution I have found was doing the work from the command line instead of SAM. I also noticed a patch various patch releases for SAM and LVM that have not been applied.

amcfg -L A:4 -d 1:2,3:2,5:2 -r 5 000800A0B807A858