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FC60 disk array


FC60 disk array


I have unbinded (removed) LUNs from FC60 but they are still being reported by ioscan -C disk together with the LUNs that still exists.
How to remove them completely together with special files /dev/dsk/c?t?d? ?

Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: FC60 disk array


Using your 'ioscan' output as a guide, you could try to remove the hardware path using the 'rmsf' command with the -H option.

# rmsf -k -H 0/4/0/

If this does not remove them, then you will to
reboot your system. This should remove everything underneath the card and down.

When running 'ioscan' you get can a better updated list by running it with the -fn options.

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Sukant Naik
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Re: FC60 disk array

Hi Marius,

Did you reboot your machine?

Because when you delete your LUNS on the FC60, the device files in the /dev directory will still be present.

If you reboot the server, this device files will automatically vanish.

But, if you cannot reboot the server, then, you need to use 'rmsf' command to remove this device files. But please ensure that before removing the device files, when you do ioscan command, they must show NO_HW for these devices.

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Re: FC60 disk array

Reboot did not change anything and rmsf -H ... just removes sepcial files and ioscan still reports hardware path and disk as claimed. Any other idea why?

Thanks for help,

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Re: FC60 disk array

If you reboot your server they will disappear.

they should show up in a hw state of NO_HW after an ioscan -fnC disk

On reboot the OS goes out and searches for HW. CEF2 ioinit discovery.

This is not updated (deleted) until another reboot.
(Adding h/w is seen, but not deleting.)

Imagine that some h/w had failed, not been deconfigured, the ioscan reminant is a good way to figure out what.

It works for me (tm)