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FC60 logical partitions

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Don Bentz
Regular Advisor

FC60 logical partitions

Product literature on the FC60 says it supports up to 8 logical partitions. Is that the same as the 8 LUN max on a Model 12H (AutoRAID) which would then mean if I had 60 disks attached (on 6 SC10s) I could still only have 8 "LUNS"/physical disks?
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Insu Kim
Honored Contributor

Re: FC60 logical partitions

Answer is no.
Unlike AutoRAID or NIKE,
HP launched Volume Set Addressing scheme to increase the number of LUNS addressable on FC60.
With this implementation, you can create 32 LUNS from 0 to 31.

This is how VSA works.
Four virtual SCSI buses are created by the fibre channel driver and each virtual SCSI bus is capable of supporting up to 8 LUNS.

Virtual SCSI
Bus Supported LUNs
0 0-7
1 8-15
2 16-23
3 24-31

The virtual SCSI bus is identified by the next-to-last segment of the hardware path.
For instance,
if ioscan show like this,
1 stands for "virtual scsi bus" and
the last digit is "LUN number".
Thus, this LUN should be LUN 8.

Even if you created only one LUN on FC60, ioscan will show you "each virtual scsi buses" and LUN 0 will be created for each virtual scsi bus.
This does not indicate that actual LUN 0 is configured.
To check it out, use diskinfo.
if size is zero, this is not actual LUN.

Best regards,
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Don Bentz
Regular Advisor

Re: FC60 logical partitions

Just reviewing some of my postings and found I was remiss in assigning points. Thanks, In-Su.
Insecurity is our friend. It keeps you dependent.