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FC60 problem

Rajesh G. Ghone
Regular Advisor

FC60 problem


I am having FC60 with 2 controllers & I am not able to see all the LUNS from both the controllers.....some LUNS are shown from one controller & some from other.
Can anyone help??

Rajesh G.
Rajesh Ghone
santosh jha
Frequent Advisor

Re: FC60 problem

Hi ,

This is santosh here.I wanted the led status of the Array.

Peter Mattei
Honored Contributor

Re: FC60 problem

What OS are you using?
HP-UX or Windows?

If Windows, you need to have HP Storage Manager-NT installed!
In HP-UX you need to have RDAC installed.

In any case, LUN0 needs to be configured and visible to the host!

Also see

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Jeffrey Killian
Frequent Advisor

Re: FC60 problem

We've been running dual fc-60's with N-4000 for a while and have seen similar symptems.

Has the system been running successfully for a period of time and only recently you observed this problem? Did the problem occur while sytem was running, or after a re-start?

If after a restart, you might simply try powering everything down, then power up the system in the sequence, waiting for all devices in the step to power up before proceding to the next... 1)external drive enclosures 2)FC60 3)host machine

If during normal operations, did amdsp indicate any problem with the controllers in the fc60? We have had experience that the fc60 can get "confused" and the controller (channel A or channel B) needs to be reset. Suggest that you speak with HP hardware support (don't try this at home) - if one of the controllers is down, we've been successful (2 out of three times) at simply resetting the TROUBLED controller - if it responds (and it probably will) wait for all the drives to sync up, then reset the opposing controller, so that both the controllers can back into sync.

(The one time this did not work for us, a LUN came back with the incorrect LUN designation and the coresponding file system was trashed.)

Re: FC60 problem

Hi Santhosh,

If it happend after a system restart, its the probem with the NVRAM info in the controller. This can be restored throug the RS232 console commands.(It rescans the LUNs and updates the information in the controller)

Pls check up with HP support personal for the password.