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FC60...two questions

Michael Lozano_1
Occasional Contributor

FC60...two questions

Two questions about concerning my N-class box and the FC60's that are running on it.

1. I need to be able to pull a disk assigned to a psecific LUN, move the disk to a different slot on the FC60, and have the system recognize the disk and assiciate the disk with the original LUN.

2. Can one move an entire LUN from one FC60 to another FC60, and have the second array recognize the original LUN?

David Navarro
Respected Contributor

Re: FC60...two questions

Hi Michael.

First question. yes, you can move a disk. Shutdown FC-60, move disk and start FC-60. I haven't do that never. Be careful and backup all files of that LUN.

Second question. I don't know.
Good Luck!
Insu Kim
Honored Contributor

Re: FC60...two questions

My answer for your questions is that your idea is fully unsupported configuration and never be done without making a good backup.

There are general rules for moving disk modules in FC60.
One of them is that it's recommended that disks be moved to the enclosure and slot that corespond to the original channel:ID of the disk.
For instance,
Even when you reconfigure the array from split-bus mode to full-bus mode,
a disk at slot 2:0 in split-bus mode move to the slot 2:0 in full-bus mode.
Breaking this guideline will take your array to unstable state and eventually can cause data loss.

!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!
Moving LUNs within an array or between arrays can no longer supported.

With earlier firmware, HP01, moving disk modules within an array or from other arrays "sometimes" worked but it was not reliable and was a contributor to data loss on the product.

Inserted disk modules are treated differently with HP03 firmware and above.
To sum up the change, drives will be "cleared of data and LUN configuration information" when they are inserted into.

This apllies to arrays that are powered on as well as powerd off.

I did the way that you explained as a trial, eventually, LUNs in the array ware unstable and finally lost the every LUN as well as a interesting LUN.

Once again, Never think of moving LUNs within an array or between arrays.

Hope this helps,
Never say "no" first.