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FC60o<}can i make raid in the disks of different controller?

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Occasional Contributor

FC60o<}can i make raid in the disks of different controller?

There are three disk-controller in the FC60,each has eight disks.
Now,I will add two disks to each controller.

So,can I make a RAID-5 LUN including all the six disks of different controller?

another question:can I insert 72GB disks into FC60 while the original disks are 36GB?
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: FC60o<}can i make raid in the disks of different controller?

It depends on your FC60 c0nfiguration. There're 6 SCSI busses behind the controller, and as soon as you have only 3 JBODs your FC60 should be in split bus mode. It's good practice to create LUNs with disks residing on different SCSI busses (bus is identified by first number in disk descriptor: 1:2 and 1:5 are on the same SCSI bus and 3:4 and 4:4 are on different). If you wish more security, then create LUNs with disks in different JBODs.
If you have disks of different size in the LUN then all capacity above least disk size is not available for LUN. Thus it's good idea to build LUNs with disks of the same size
Tim D Fulford
Honored Contributor

Re: FC60o<}can i make raid in the disks of different controller?

I've never seen an FC60 with 3 controllers, Only two. As for RAID on different controllers, what do you mean? You can have a primary controller with the other as backup (active-active) which is reccomended and each LUN will have it's own RAID level.

The above is answering the question you asked. What I THINK you meant to say is..
I have an FC60 with 3x SC10 disk enclousures, can I create different types of LUNs across each of the SC10's and or within each SC10.

Yes. You can mix and match the raid levels on DIFFERENT LUNs. What you actually do is bind a number of disks in a particular RAID level (raid1, raid1+0 or raid5 only, I do not think raid0 is supported/exists).

However, you really should create LUNs across SC10's so in your case you could bind together 3 disks across 3 SC10's in RAID5 (say a verticle stripe). Or bind two disks across 2 SC10s in RAID1 (we do this).

You CAN create a single large RAID5 LUN, or RAID1+0 LUN consisting of disks that span & live within the SC10s. Obviously thsi will NOT be as resilient as the failure of 1 SC10 will cause you to loose data.

Your last question is answered in the manual. You can use different size disks within each LUN, BUT you will only be able to utilise them based on the SMALLEST disk. e.g 2x18GB disks & 1x72GB disk in RAID 5 will ONLY give the same as 3x18 GB disks.

I hope this helps