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FCArray & rack storage/12

Occasional Contributor

FCArray & rack storage/12

Is there a possibility to recreate array without loosing the data is the array is missing in the FCArray configuration utility but the disks with data are OK(the data was in RAID 0)
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: FCArray & rack storage/12


i think their are 2 options here :

1)if you remove all disks and power the
RS/12FC on, the controllers will erase
their config. Then power down again,
insert all disks and power up again.
Because the config in the controllers was
gone, they will now read the config info
from the disks and copy that back in the
controllers memory and you should see
your array and logical disks again.
I don't know in what state your array is
so the above might not work if the disks
have had their array config erased by one
or the other problem or operation via the
FC array assistant, but the procedure
above is harmless because it will not
modify anything to the disk data, it just
tries to read the config back from the
disks (if still their).

2) start the FC array assistant and choose
for a manual configuration. Reconfigure
the disks back as they were (including
hospare disks if you had any) and when
you come to the 3-th TAB (called " 3.
Logical Drives" make sure you remove the
mark under the " Init Drive ".
This will prevent the initialization of
the new Logical disks you created and it
will only write the raid and logical
drive information on the disks in a
special reserved area (maintenance
tracks) where no user data is ever