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FW Messages

Suzi Fischman
Frequent Advisor

FW Messages

Can anyone help me find out what these messages mean:

FW-CHANGED fabricFL000(Fabric Fabric login) value has changed. current value: 317 login(s). (info)

FW-ABOVE fopportState015 (FOP Port State Changes 15) is above high boundary. current value:3 Change(s)/minute. (faulty)

FW-BELOW fopportState015 (FOP Port State Changes 15) is below low boundary. current value: 0 Change(s)/minute. (norm....

I looked them up in the Brocade Fabric Watch User's Guide, but I still don't know what they mean. Do I have a Brocade problem that I need to address???

Thanks for any help anyone can lend.

Mike Naime
Honored Contributor

Re: FW Messages

#1 - Fabric Login -- A server has "Logged into" the fabric. When you boot a server, it will login to the fabric. If you pull the fibre cable, and then re-insert it, the switch will request another Fabric Login.

#2, and #3. These are "noise" messages that I largely ignore in my fabrics. Notice that you have fairly rigid default values on the notification level values in the Fabric Watch fields. You can change these values if you really feel like it to have more leeway before notifying you of the change. You also need to have the time to mess with it.
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