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Failed RAID 5 Disks

Occasional Contributor

Failed RAID 5 Disks

Hi all

I have 5 SAS disks which have been set up as RAID 5 on HP array controller of an remote inaccessible server. I've been unsuccessful to use their data and also I don't know the order of disks. Does this cause any problems?

Please ensure if there is any solution to make these disks usable.

Thanks for any comment.
Paul Jerrom
Valued Contributor

Re: Failed RAID 5 Disks

OS? Version? Hardware type?
Have the disks been moved? From where?
Has the data ever been accessable?

Assume noone in this forum knows anything about your setup, because we don't!

Have fun,

Have fun,

If it can't be done with a VT220, who needs it?
Occasional Contributor

Re: Failed RAID 5 Disks

Yes sorry; you're right.

OS: Debian Etch (but is it relevant in this context?)
Hardware: The array controller of an HP Server DL380 G5.
Yes I mentioned that the disks have been made as RAID 5 on an HP server where the data was usable/accessible.