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Failed Raid 0 Drive

Peter Stringer
Regular Advisor

Failed Raid 0 Drive

I have a failed 36 gb Hotswap Raid 0 drive. As I can't replace and re-build what can I do?

Do I replace the drive and reformat? How do I get it back into the same partition, do I use Netraid tools and intialise the partition?

Insu Kim
Honored Contributor

Re: Failed Raid 0 Drive

This is what RAID 0 does.
RAID 0 uses disk striping to achieve high performance.
That is, Data is striped across all disk in the RUN but unlike other RAID levels, RAID 0 does not provide any data redundancy, error recovery, or other high availability features.
Consequently, if a disk in the LUN failed, all disks in the LUN should need to be regrouped as RAID 0 after the failed disk is replaced.

Hope this helps,
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Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: Failed Raid 0 Drive


Raid 0 is Disk striping without redundancy, so basically when one disk fails, you cannot rebuild the data as you correctly pointed out.

I hope you had a backup disk array... cuz I think you lost all data. I think you have to replace the disk and restore all the data of the disk array. I hope I'm wrong though.

Anyone out there who has a better alternative? I hope so.

Good luck,
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Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Failed Raid 0 Drive

as already writed the raid 0 have no redundancy, so you cannot assign a hot spare for this Logical device.
the only trick you can do before recreate your raid and restore your data is to force online this disk, if the drive failed for a error other than a spin-up or a electric problem, you should be able to restart your raid one enouth time to recover your data.
check also in the log of the hdd if you have media errors or predictive failures, if any of this errors occur and the drive come on line, probably you could continue to use it