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Failed drive SCSI ID problem

James Howel
Occasional Contributor

Failed drive SCSI ID problem

I had 8 x 145GB U320 disks split over two enclosures, six in in one and two in the other. Both enclosures were plugged into an SA 5304 and all 8 disks were part of a RAID 5 volume.

I started to see disk failures in the six disk enclosure. First it was ID 3 then 5 and finally ID 1 before I began suspecting the enclosure was having problems.

I let the ID 1 disk rebuild and then powered the machine off. I added the two disks (ID's 0 and 1) from enclosure 2 to slots 7 and 8 on enclosure 1. I moved enc 1 from port 3 to port 4 on the sa5304 and during this process the 5304 got it's knickers in a twist and it sees ID1 as failed but when I look at the drive assignments it's looking at Port3 ID1 instead of Port4 ID1.

All the other drives are fine and effectively I'm running on 7 disks instead of 8.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?