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Failed logical drive

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Jody Hoagland
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Failed logical drive

I have a NAS2000 box with 2 6400 controllers and 2 MSA30 storage racks connected. Each controller has 2 logical disk. On controller 2, logical disk one has completely failed. In the Array Configuration Utility the only option I have for this disk is to delete it. I am cool wit this I have a good backup of the data on it and can restore no problem. My issue is that logical disk 2 is a 500GB disk that has a lot of data on it. I spoke with a rep at HP and they advised that the disk run in succession and that the second disk should be deleted before deleting the first and then rebuild the whole thing. This is my last option I want to take. So Questions....
1. Can I delete logical disk one and recreate it without damaging disk 2.
2. Can I pull all the disk that create logical disk one and create the recreate the partition on another server withour damaging disk 2?
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Re: Failed logical drive

Since the second has no problems, can delete the first and replace the disks and re-configure the new disks into a new array.
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