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Fiber channel, EMC array, & Concentri(cs|x)?

L Gehl
Occasional Advisor

Fiber channel, EMC array, & Concentri(cs|x)?

Does anyone have any experience w/ EMC arrays, K class servers, and fiber channel? We're moving to Conc. fiber channel switches, and I'm unsure whether they will work with HP-UX 10.20. I've heard there are problems... anyone?

Chuck Ciesinski
Honored Contributor

Re: Fiber channel, EMC array, & Concentri(cs|x)?


I can say that EMC does work with K's on 10.20 on FW-SCSI. Can't answer about fiber. Suggest you also post the question to the list at Both HP and EMC monitor that list....

Good Luck,

"Show me the $$$$$"
Karl Scott
Occasional Visitor

Re: Fiber channel, EMC array, & Concentri(cs|x)?

The connectrix is actually a Brocade 2800 with additional EMC "features". The Brocade 2800 works with hp-ux 10.20 I believe only in FC-AL mode. The real question is what fibre channel card are you using on the server. If it is the HP Tachyon card chances are good everything will work.

Contact your EMC system engineer to verify.

I use the Brocade with HP Tachyon on hp-ux 11.x and everything works fine.

Good luck!!